1. Maybe you are thinking “Wait, what, that’s what you think” or why I’m posting stuff like this… Slow down!  I know some words are kind of rude and there are a few things I’m not agreed with it but I’m not here to talk about that. What I’m trying to catch on this is about what is happening with people, what is with the world? We live in a society where people can’t survive if they’re not judging the next person… and I can totally relate with this because I’m a person who is judge by others and I know you reader too. So… Be proud of who YOU are. Reject all negative thoughts because they have no right to define you. You are more than a goal, or a disease. You are stronger than any perception or opinion anyone has ever had about you. You are beutiful as your own way, God makes you BEAUTIFUL, God left you promises, God is the only and the one who has the authority to describe who you are, believe in the heredity he has left you, believe on him.

  2. A BIG opportunity to see a different point of view through Lima, Peru (Where I live). I get the chance to be part of Servolution. Servolution is a way to serve others without expecting to have something in return. As I was telling you I get the chance to go with some church friends and leaders to serve a family where there is no parents… Just 1 big sister who works to care about their brothers, 2 precious girls and a little cutie boy. This cozy family had pass through a lot… There is no dad, the mother left these kids, and the older sister get pregnant being 16 years old. The whole situation really touches me because I can’t believe how unfair is this situation for these 4 kids who have the attitude to move forward and I totally have the proof of it… The older sister works for their brothers and the kids stay “home” carrying for them. Yes “Home” a place where there is no comfort for them because they have none floor on it, there is no light, there is no water and there is no childhood for them. So we decide to go and do the best we can to help these 4 buddys that are the proof to always have a smile in our faces beyond all the problems we are going through. We build a new home for them, we made a floor on their new home and  we give to them some toys and dolls for our little buddys… When we finished all the work we pray for them. These little kids all the time have a smile on their faces and of course they get emotional for having a better home and see people working and carrying about them… How can we not? We get touch by them. I know these kids will move forward and justice wille come to their lifes. I know none of us will forget this time blessing a family because it feels good, and I’m more than grateful to be part of making history with all the world changers who were helping on this proyect to bless others, as I said it feels good. So this totally change our view cause’ daily in the whole world things like this are happening, parents leaving kids, girls being abused, teenangers getting pregnant, no chances for education, kids who are supossed to study working and more… What is happening? Where is the solution? I don’t know what you are thinking but what I’m sure of it is that the world need a Saviour, people need to be change by the only one who can, the only one who is the way, the only one who is the real true… Jesus.


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